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山东快三投注网_花少钱中大奖_2017年英语专业八级真题听力 Interview(2)

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W: Tom, I understand When Havas Media North America hired you early this year to be head of strategy and innovation, it did not include the words "future" of "futurist" in your title, but a large part of your role is understanding where the near and not-so-distant futures of media can be applied and accelerated in ways that give Havas and its clients a competitive advantage.

女:汤姆,我了解到今年年初哈瓦斯北美分公司聘请你担任战略与创新主管,当时你的头衔里并没有“未来”这个词,但你的职责中,有很大一部分是寻找未来幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖以应用媒体并且加速其发展的领域,从而使哈瓦斯与其客户获得竞争优势。
M: Yes.
W: So, what exactly is your role at Havas?
M: Well, I'm very lucky in that I get paid to think! My role is about understanding the changes in behavior, technology and media, and then to use that information to inspire new thinking and new ideas, and then to bring them to life. It could be anything from what the Internet of things means for our clients, to how mobile coupons could develop. The key is making something from it.
W: What areas of business do you think require the most focus on innovation right now?
M: I think we need to innovate in two very broad areas. First, we need to start working around people and not our own interests or channels. We need to create new processes and structures, and bring in new talent to take advantage of the evolving media landscape. In the same way that television show were plays that were filmed, we've tended to simply repurpose advertising units that were invented several decades ago. Secondly, we need to re-evaluate the role of advertising. For me, media agencies should not be advertising clients on how to spend marketing money, but applying design thinking, creativity, data and consumer understanding to solve client business problems.
W: How do you know which areas to focus on that will actually lead to business results, vs. being interesting, but potentially low-yielding dead-ends?
女:你怎么知道哪些领域会带来业务成果,哪些是一开始幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖盈利,其实收益很低的死胡同?
M: The hardest thing with innovation is that it needs people to take a risk. You can't do anything for the first time if you need to show previous success stories, because by definition it's never been done before. As an industry, we need to focus on our gut feelings and on superb ideas, not just data-supported arguments.
W: What areas do you think are being overlooked by the industry that could be game-changing opportunities in the future?
女:你认为哪些被业内忽略了的领域,在未来幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能改变游戏规则?
M: I believe that the industry is going to start targeting at a user level, serving messages directly to consumers. Right now, we still move people to visit websites or either enter some silly competition. Why not use ads to download mobile coupons or send offers to friends, or save locations to bookmark, or make phone calls?
男:我相信这个行业将会以用户为目标,直接向消费者提供信息。山东快三投注网_花少钱中大奖现在,我们仍然会诱导人们访问网站,或者参加一些愚蠢的竞争。幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖以借助广告来下载移动优惠券,给朋友发送邀请,把地点保存到书签,还有打电话。
W: How do you reconcile your role between innovating and applying it into strategy?
M: The hardest part of my job is establishing the "focal point". My approach is: first to take a long hard look at the future and see what will be possible one day, and then to consider an entry point that is buyable in the next 4 months, and make it happen.
男:我工作中最困难的部分就是设立“焦点”。我的方法是:首先对未来进行长期的观察,看看未来幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能发生什么,然后再考虑一个在未来4个月内的幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖买入口点,并实现它。
W: What do you think of other agencies' getting directly into the ventures game to fuel innovation vis-a-vis capital? Or is it best left to professional venture capital firms, or clients to do directly?
M: I think the role of media agencies needs to be about collaboration and openness and fostering creativity, but the key is how that is done, and how we ensure that everything is about the best interests of our clients.
W: OK, Tom. Thanks for being with us.
M: Pleasure.
Questions 6 to 10 are based on what you have just heard.
Q6: What is Tom's main role in his new position?
Q7: According to Tom, what does innovation require of people?
Q8: What does Tom see as game-changing chances in the future?
Q9: What does Tom do first to deal with the toughest part of his work?
Q10: Which of the following might Tom work for?
第10题:下列哪个幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能是汤姆的公司?

重点单词   查看全部解释    
openness ['əupənnis]


n. 公开;宽阔;率真

understand [.ʌndə'stænd]


vt. 理解,懂,听说,获悉,将 ... 理解为,认为<

creativity [.kri:ei'tiviti]


n. 创造力,创造

professional [prə'feʃənl]


adj. 职业的,专业的,专门的
n. 专业人

previous ['pri:vjəs]


adj. 在 ... 之前,先,前,以前的

competition [kɔmpi'tiʃən]


n. 比赛,竞争,竞赛

solve [sɔlv]


v. 解决,解答

reconcile ['rekənsail]


vt. 和解,调和,妥协
vi. 调和

inspire [in'spair]


vt. 影响,使 ... 感动,激发,煽动

definition [.defi'niʃən]


n. 定义,阐释,清晰度




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