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广西快三单双_花少钱中大奖_2018年英语专业八级真题听力 Interview(1)

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W: Good evening listeners, this is BBC. Today, we are very delighted to have invited James Dobbins, US special representative for Afghanistan, to tell us the electoral process in Afghanistan currently. Well, James, how are you reading what's happening in Afghanistan at the moment?

M: We're concerned about the trend in events. We have been concerned for some time that the electoral process hasn't been moving forward smoothly. We believe there needs to be a powerful and transparent audit of potentially dishonest ballots and we're sorry that hasn't moved forward quickly and substantially enough. We regret the preliminary announcement of results that was made yesterday. We think that was premature given that there are still a number of ballots that need to be examined and there's not yet a clear agreement on how best to do so. We do believe that...
男:我们关心的是事态的发展趋势。一段时间以来,我们一直担心选举进程没有顺利进行。我们认为,有必要对幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能不诚实的选票进行有力透明的审计。我们很遗憾,这次审计不够迅速有力。我们对昨天宣布的初步结果感到遗憾。我们认为,因为仍有许多选票需要审查,而且目前还没有就审查的最佳方式达成明确的一致,这样做还为时过早。我们认为……
W: Forgive me for interrupting, James. Can I ask you why you think that announcement was made yesterday?
M: I think it was made because the electoral institutions had previously set that date and they held to it despite advice to the contrary from the UN, from the United States, and from other voices within Afghanistan, and we think that was unfortunate.
W: Is there another reason that could be slightly more favorable, that is, they wanted to prepare the ground because if they just came out with one final result at the end of all this then it can be pretty likely that the loser, whoever it was going to be, was going to complain because they think it is unfair?
女:有没有另一个幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能稍微有利一些的原因?也就是说,他们想要先做好铺垫,因为如果等到一切结束时给出最终结果,很幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能无论输家是谁都会抱怨,认为这不公平。
M: I think it's our view that they didn't have a basis for preparing the ground because there's such a large number of votes that still need to be examined and that therefore any preliminary result might be more misleading than preparing the ground.
男:我认为我们的观点是,他们没有做铺垫的依据,因为还有这么多选票需要审查,而且这样任何初步结果都幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能比做铺垫更容易误导人。
W: In terms now of where this goes, we've already heard some very strong, very emotional language from the camp of the man who appears to be on the losing side of all this, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. What have you been saying to him in order to try and calm those feelings?
M: Well, we have heard talk about establishing a parallel presidency. We made clear that the United States and its partners are not in a position to support a divided Afghanistan. That any effort to establish a parallel presidency would make it impossible for the United States and its partners to continue their financial, economic and military support, and that the consequences for the country would be potentially quite terrible. Clearly, this is not something the Afghan population wants. It's not something they were voting for. And it's not something that they expect to happen, but it could be the consequences of an ill-considered action.
男:我们听人说过要设立并行总统制度。我们明确表示,美国及其伙伴不幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能支持阿富汗分裂。如果建立并行总统制度,那么美国及其伙伴将不会继续对其提供财政、经济和军事支持,而且这对该国来说幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能相当幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖怕。显然,这不是阿富汗人民想要的。这不是他们投票的原因。广西快三单双_花少钱中大奖这并不是他们希望发生的事情,但行动如果欠考虑,就幸运快3app下载_幸运快3app - 花少钱中大奖能导致这样的后果。
This is the end of Part One of the interview.
Questions 1 to 5 are based on what you have just heard.
1. Which aspect of the election event is the interviewee most concerned about?
2. Why was the announcement made yesterday, according to the interviewee?
3. According to the BBC interviewer, why did the electoral institutions want to prepare the ground?
4. What did the interviewee think of the BBC's reason of preparing the ground?
5. What is the interviewee's attitude towards establishing a parallel presidency?

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transparent [træns'perənt]


adj. 透明的,明显的,清晰的

announcement [ə'naunsmənt]


n. 通知,发表,宣布

premature [.premə'tjuə]


adj. 提前的,过早的,早产的 n. 早产儿,早熟

emotional [i'məuʃənl]


adj. 感情的,情绪的

unfortunate [ʌn'fɔ:tʃənit]


adj. 不幸的,令人遗憾的,不成功的

potentially [pə'tenʃəli]


adv. 潜在地

favorable ['feivərəbl]


adj. 有利的,赞许的,良好的,顺利的,偏袒的

interview ['intəvju:]


n. 接见,会见,面试,面谈
vt. 接见,采

voting ['vəutiŋ]


n. 投票 动词vote的现在分词形式

representative [repri'zentətiv]


adj. 代表性的,代议制的,典型的
n. 代




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